“We learn about true happiness and how to treat each other. This is essential knowledge for us to have for the rest of our lives.” – Student, Saint Margaret School


Who is eligible?

Students must be between the grades of kindergarten through 12 and will be attending school on a full-time basis at one of our participating schools. A family’s annual household income cannot exceed 250% of the federal poverty level (approximately $40,000/year for a family of two, $50,000/year for a family of three and $60,000/year for a family of four).


How do I apply for a scholarship through this program?

To apply for a private school tuition scholarship for your child through our program, contact the appropriate Scholarship Granting Organization (SGO) that represents your child’s school. For a list of SGOs and the schools they represent, click here. Families must fill out the school’s appropriate financial aid form(s) to become eligible for scholarship funding through our program.


If my family is eligible for assistance, how much will I receive through this program?

The amount of tuition assistance provided to eligible students by participating SGOs will vary depending on the amount of contributions received from corporations and the number of qualified scholarship applicants. There is no guarantee that eligible students will receive financial assistance if there is an unmet demand for scholarships.

Meet Melissa.



Melissa, now a 6th grader, joined Community Preparatory School in 3rd grade.  She didn’t feel safe from bullying at her old school, and Community Prep was a welcome change.  Melissa’s favorite subject is Math because it’s “really challenging and gets your brain to think.”  She loves Community Prep because of the diverse, accepting community.  “The students here help me feel really supported,” she says.  When she grows up Melissa would like to be a marine biologist because she’s always been fascinated by animals.  A visit to an aquarium has inspired her to work with marine life.

Melissa’s mother, Sue, is delighted with Community Prep. “Melissa is outgoing and always eager to help her classmates.  Community Prep encourages that. She enjoys sports, music and all the subjects that she is learning.  She has just started playing on the basketball team and hopes to do better next year. The best part of Melissa’s day is when she is learning something new. Melissa could not attend Community Prep without her scholarship assistance,” says Sue.  “We are grateful for that support every day.”

Meet the Beatty Family.



As a single unemployed mother of two, Leslie Beatty (right) wants to be able to continue sending her children to Catholic school. Her son, Kenneth, attends St. Raphael Academy in Pawtucket, and her daughter, Claire, attends Woodlawn Catholic Regional School also in Pawtucket. On an annual salary of less than $20,000, she said it’s not easy. That’s why she’s in support of Rhode Island School Choice, an initiative that would give parents the freedom to choose a school that would best meet the needs of their children, as well as provide financial vouchers to help them along the way. “I have gotten some assistance from the Diocese of Providence for both of my children, but a large portion of it still falls on my shoulders,” she recently said during an interview with The Rhode Island Catholic at St. Raphael. “It would be good to give the choice to the parents.” (Photo by Jessica A. Botelho/The Rhode Island Catholic)

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